LEDApple concert in Europe! IMPORTANT

Invazi (facebook.com/invazievents) is trying to get the Pop rock band LEDApple to Europe, The Netherlands… the ticket sale isn’t going how it suppose to go D: So Invazi came up with this:

I am going to place 50 reservations on Ticketscript for 10 euro. If the concert continues all the people that made a reservation has to pay the rest of the money to Invazi before the end of this month, it only applies for VIP or Meet and Great tickets, so NOT for the normal ticket.
(BE AWARE, that you have to pay service charge twice of approximately 1,65 to Ticketscript)

In case the concert will be canceled you will get your money back! If it does continue but you regret the buy, you will NOT get the reservation back!


For more information please go to .facebook.com/events/698732143473048/ it’s possible that you can’t see it, try becoming lid by asking Invazi!

T.O.P’s “Doom Dada”

omg. oh my god. his M/V is amazing (oh and plus the freaking song ♡)it has this ”4D-TOP” style, i am totally loving it! way to go tabi haha

and again i have homework to do with a deadline of tonight  but again i had to make gifs right *shame*? if any of you want to see a certain part of the video as a gif please say so! let’s keep on supporting V.I.P’s ♡


long time no see DOOM DADA